We have designed a program spanning four months, based on one four-hour session per week. This accommodates the work schedules of scientists and engineers while at the same time enabling both you and the project to mature.


Two months to list all your hypotheses, discover the basics and challenges of entrepreneurship, and pick the brains of experienced entrepreneurs.


Over a period of five weeks you will be introduced to the fundamentals of evaluating a project and starting a deeptech company during evening sessions once per week (between 4pm and 8pm): aligning your commercial development and IP strategy, fundraising, recruiting the team, establishing the board, go-to-market, product development, and many more topics will be tackled.

These sessions combine theory and case studies from our mentors and ecosystem members who will share their first-hand experiences in deeptech. The program instructors will also be available at all times to answer questions.


Two days to prepare you before you go meet with the real world

This is a session dedicated to preparing your sales pitch and investor deck, challenged by your peers and the operating partners. Then benefit from Bpifrance Dealflow team feedback and experts’ meetings during a mock interview.

Thanks to the constructive and considerate feedback from the mock interview, you’ll be able to take a new first look at your project, highlight its strengths and where it needs improvements, and identify questions that still need to be answered during the “Outside the Lab” phase.


Two months to challenge your hypothesis, improve your business model, validate your target markets, identify early adopters and key partners.

Finally, thanks to the experience you will have acquired and support from instructors, you will carry out 50 interviews over the course of two months to validate your technology’s potential. The instructors, the mentors, and the ecosystem as a whole will help you plan, setup, and succeed in these interviews. This process will help you to take a step back to constructively analyze your project.

Meanwhile during these two months, we will carry out sessions in which teams will present their progress and experienced science-entrepreneurs will give presentations to share their first-hand experience.

Office hours will also be available for you to meet and exchange ideas and progress with partners and your dedicated operating partner.


1 day to reflect on the participant experiences and learnings

At the end of our four-month program, a day will be dedicated to reflecting on participants’ experiences. Each team will present their journey and what they learned throughout the program in front of an audience of the Deeptech Founders ecosystem and the project stakeholders.

For those who have not yet created a startup, this will also be an opportunity to announce whether or not you have decided to start a company and, if so, how and with whom.

With all the relevant ecosystem stakeholders gathered in one place, you will be able to gather support and partners.